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traits and scalar data fields

David Sinden
Hi I am new to python, mayavi and the traits framework, so i apologize if this is a badly posed question or trivial, but how can i modify the any of the examples to ensure that visualisation can be done for a scalar field i define rather than an numpy array?

i have done this for the simple traits_ui example, but this is probably luck! i can't get it to work on others. For example i read in both the x,y,z and the data arrays are read in using commands which follow

        z, x, y = np.mgrid[z0:z1:nzz, x0:x1:nrr, y0:y1:nrr]
        data  = np.reshape(struct.unpack('134400d',*int(nrr.imag)*int(nrr.imag)*int(nzz.imag))

i'd then try and pass src into the the object implementing the dialog but i get an errors, so in

traits.trait_errors.TraitError: The 'scalar_data' trait of an ArraySource instance must be a 2D or 3D numpy array, but a value of <mayavi.sources.array_source.ArraySource object at 0xc12047c> <class 'mayavi.sources.array_source.ArraySource'> was specified.

traits.trait_errors.TraitError: The 'data' trait of a VolumeSlicer instance must be an array, but a value of <mayavi.sources.array_source.ArraySource object at 0xcc3f3ec> <class 'mayavi.sources.array_source.ArraySource'> was specified.

Can a minimal working example or a modification of an existing example be produced?

Thanks, david

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