problems with MKL on Windows (EPD 6.1)

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problems with MKL on Windows (EPD 6.1)

Alberto Azevedo-2


I'm having the same problem, with the same error messages:
OMP abort: Initializing libguide40.lib, but found epdiomp5md.dll already initialized.
This may cause performance degradation and correctness issues.
Set environment variable KMP_DUPLICATE_LIB_OK=TRUE to ignore this problem and force the program to continue anyway.

I don't know if the errors are connected but in the EPDLab, I also get a warning with the message:
WARNING|2010-04-29 23:48:22,390|plugin <enthought.epdlab.plugin.epdlab_plugin.EPDLabPlugin object at 0x04464840> has no Id - using <enthought.epdlab.plugin.epdlab_plugin.EPDLabPlugin>

Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

Best regards,


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