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more on qt vs wx

Brennan Williams

Hopefully a CME attached that will show a couple of the problems I'm
running into when trying to use the qt4/pyside backend rather than wx
for my traits application.

The attached is a modified version of the tree editor demo.

I define my own MyTreeNode class that inherits from TreeNode. It has its
own get_view method.

department objects in the tree use MyTreeNode, other objects just use

department has a create_department_view method.

The CME should work as supplied but then try...

(a) uncommenting scrollable=True


(b) uncommenting the tabbed layout

Both of these cause a problem in traitsui\qt4\

Strangely, I can get the tabbed layout to work if I put the outer VGroup
inside a list, i.e.


Any ideas?


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