launching a script in windows with canopy

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launching a script in windows with canopy

Ateljevich, Eli@DWR
I am hoping to arrange my Windows environment such that *.py files launch with python from Canopy? Has anyone done this successfully?

In particular, I seem stuck between the following:
1. *.py launches Canopy ("make Canopy your default" ... ).
2. py launches the right python, but somehow doesn't pick up the right environment.
3. having to use a particular command prompt.

In particular, my naive attempts to point the py extension to my Canopy python in windows produces different behavior for:
which seems utterly broken and this:
> python"
which produces something mildly better with Canopy /User/Script python on path. I would think the equivalence of the two is basic Windows stuff, not something that Canopy usurp, so I wonder what my blundering could have left behind.

On the other hand, it is clearer to me that not using the "Canopy Command Prompt" could cause loss of functionality, since this is clearly based on a script that activates some sort of virtual layer. Since neither (1) or (2) above uses the Canopy Command Prompt should I assume that neither of them will have the same libraries and versions as running from inside Canopy?

I am sorry if I am missing instructions or a prior letter on this.

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