handling multiple windows with traitsui/chaco

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handling multiple windows with traitsui/chaco

Henry Gomersall
I'm trying to create an application that opens plots in response to user
input on a master window... say something like a View containing a
series of buttons, each of which opens a different plot in its separate
window. Clicking the button of an already open plot brings it into
focus; closing a plot and then clicking the button opens it up again.

The problem is that I'm really struggling to understand how the window
state is recorded such that I can construct the relevant logic. I've
thought about various schemes - mostly around a custom handler with
close() or closed() overwritten, but these don't seem to tell the whole
story (specifically, I can't see how to reopen the window on a second
click - calling edit_traits() again seems to be the wrong thing to do).

This seems to me to be something that should be obvious, so I apologies
if it is and I've missed something fundamental. I _have_ read the
traitsui docs cover to cover!



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