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chaco link zooming multiple plots of for one axis

Fabio Pliger

On 04/12/2010 11:27 AM, Fabio Pliger wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to link only the x-axis of 2 ( or more ) plots so when
> i zoom on the first plot, only the x-axis of the second plot is update
> and the y remains at the same state. I know it's possible to pass the
> range2d paremeter of the first plot when building up the second plot,
> but this links both axis. Specifically i'd like to use it to show
> events and analogic values on the same screen. For instance i can show
> the amient temperature, pression and umidity measured and the second
> plot shows the weather info ( 0 for cloudy and 1 for sunny )... The
> second plot shows binary data and there's no sense to zoom over the y
> axis.

You can set the index_range or value_range of the plots separately after

plot_a.index_range= plot_b.index_range

Now zooming on plot_b will update just the index_range (usually the x
axis) of plot_a.


Thanks! Works like a charm!

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