Tracking down cause of slow TraitsUI behaviour

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Tracking down cause of slow TraitsUI behaviour

Gary Ruben-2
I'm trying to speed up a slow operation triggered by a selection event
in a TraitsUI TreeEditor. I can profile the on_select event handler and
it tells me that the event triggers "122053 function calls (113250
primitive calls) in 0.675 seconds" which I find a surprisingly large
number. The on_select event handler dynamically swaps in a GUI panel
containing a bunch of TraitsUI widgets that are associated with the
selected TreeEditor node.

class SpRegion(HasTraits):
     ''' SpRegion represents a Region node in the TreeEditor '''
     selection = Instance('SelectorPanel')

class TreePanel(HasTraits):
     def _region_select(self):
         ''' Tree selection event handler for region nodes '''
        # Next line triggers lots of events
         main_app.selector_panel = self.selection

Most of the time seems to be associated with doing this. According to
some profiler output, most of the time is spent handling traits events
(here with the application code here Are there some better
tools than just profiling the event handler that might let me see
whether there is some race condition triggering a cascade of unnecessary
Trait events, and perhaps what the internally triggered events actually
are? How much activity should I expect as a result of swapping a
different panel instance? Any other tips for investigating this?

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