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Resizing in TraitsUI views

Martin Gustafsson

I'm unable to control the resizing of Groups and Items in a TraitsUI View. I would expect the code below to give all the TextEditor:s fixed widths, so they don't become wider than necessary when I resize the window. I want only the plots to grow, but the other editors do as well.

Best wishes

 start_freq = Range(10e6, 50e9)
 start_freq = Range(10e6, 50e9)
 points = Int(201)
 averages = Int(0)
 traits_view = View(
            Item('start_freq', editor=TextEditor(), width=100, resizable=False),
            Item('stop_freq', editor=TextEditor(), width=100, resizable=False),
            Item('points', width=100, resizable=False),
            Item('averages', width=100, resizable=False)),
            Item('mag_plot',editor=ComponentEditor(), show_label=False),
            Item('phase_plot',editor=ComponentEditor(), show_label=False))),
        width=500, height=500, resizable=True, title="S12 Plot")
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