Re: any open source traits-based distributed MVC out there (e.g. with twisted)?

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Re: any open source traits-based distributed MVC out there (e.g. with twisted)?

Andrew Straw
Andrew Straw wrote:

> bryce hendrix wrote:
>> On 01/11/2010 11:14 AM, Andrew Straw wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I'd like to know if there is any open source code that uses traits (or
>>> something traits-like) to do MVC over the network. I'm thinking of
>>> attempting something using twisted, but I'd rather not "attempt"
>>> anything but just use something that works. Googling has turned up
>>> nothing so far...
>> Are you looking for something with a thin client and the business logic
>> on the server side, or a rich client with a datastore on the server? Or
>> something else? I am not aware of any open source projects, but if you
>> can describe the architecture you're aiming for, we might be able to
>> provide some tips (such as: wx & twisted's event loops will cause
>> difficulties, but it does work.)
> To use your language, I'm thinking thin client with business logic on
> the server. Really, however, my application uses distributed hardware,
> so I'm thinking about lots of servers  -- each controls a various bit of
> hardware. There may also be one central server that coordinates everything.
> My idea is that a given piece of hardware would be represented by a
> HasTraits instance on a given network host, and smart proxies for them
> could establish views and controllers elsewhere on the network. The
> proxies would automatically build views and controllers through the
> object introspection of the traited object on the server.

OK, I have a start. I have just pushed the nascent "twisted traits" to . I'll be playing with this, but if
anyone wants to join in, please feel free.

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