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Re: affine transforms on Mayavi2 actors

Gael Varoquaux
Hi Marc,

Please do not write developers private emails. There is a mailing list
for that. I cannot keep up with my email. Your email is number 1004 on
the list of emails that I need to answer, and I am answering it just
because elsewhere I know that it will never get an answer.

You can do an arbitrary rigid-body transform on an object by modifying
its actor's properties. For this, go in the 'actor' tab of the object, in
the pipeline GUI, and click on the 'more options' button for the actor.
In that dialog you can modify the orientation and scale of the object.

To turn this into a script, use the record feature of Mayavi (check out
the documentation, it's the round red button in the pipeline view).



On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 02:46:15PM -0400, Mark Edgington wrote:
> Hello Gaël,

> I know you've contributed a lot to mayavi2, and I was wondering if
> there's a simple way to pass a set of basis-vectors and corresponding
> scale-factors in order to transform actor objects?  This can be
> useful, for example, when plotting Gaussian ellipsoids, since one
> would be able to simply provide the eigenvectors / values of the
> covariance matrix, and use these to transform a unit sphere.

> Is there already some built-in function which will handle this?  I'd
> appreciate any help you can offer on this.

> Best Regards,

> Mark Edgington

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