MayaVi mlab.savefig() problem

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MayaVi mlab.savefig() problem

If I try to save an image with a magnification > 1 the savefig function loops through several smaller views, saves images, and reassembles them into a larger image. I guess it makes a list (or some similar data structure) and appends each sub-image to it.

My problem is that for some reason, it seems to always save the wide-shot image at the beginning of that list which drops the last frame and jumbles the reassembled image.

For instance, if I save an image with magnification 3, I would expect it to loop through 9 segments of the image and output an image like so:
7    8    9
4    5    6
1    2    3

But instead I get the following (where the * is a small wide-shot of the whole frame):
6    7    8
3    4    5
*    1    2

I'm using MayaVi2 version 3.3.2 in Debian but I've verified the same problem in Ubuntu with version 4.0.0. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, is there an easy fix?

Can I just manually change the view with mlab.view(...) several times, save the images and stitch them together with the python Image module? If so, does someone have a quick script do do this?

-Jonathan Perry-Houts