Cut Plane with Multiple Sources

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Cut Plane with Multiple Sources

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Hello I'will try to create a simple application with a Cut Plane that slice across various surface or mesh and tubes...
but how I do?

Sources can be assemble into one?

For example I've a list o 3d points in p

fig = figure(bgcolor=(0, 0, 0))
clipper = tvtk.ClipPolyData()
for i in range(len(p) - 1):
    line = tvtk.LineSource(point1=(p[i][0], p[i][1], p[i][2]), point2=(p[i + 1][0], p[i + 1][1], p[i + 1][2]))
    lineMapper = tvtk.PolyDataMapper(input=line.output)
    lineActor = tvtk.Actor(mapper=lineMapper)

Can I slice across the LineSource that I create in this code?

Thanks a Lot.