Change in automatic adaptation in List traits

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Change in automatic adaptation in List traits

Pietro Berkes
Dear developers,

tl;dr: heads-up for backward-incompatible change in automatic adaptation

We are about the push a fix to the traits git repository that changes the default for automatic adaptation in List traits:

If you do not know what adaptation is, you can stop reading ;-) 
(but maybe you want to check the docs out:

Otherwise, the gist of the change is this: Instance traits have the ability to automatically adapt objects on assignment, but this feature is OFF by default (you need to specify "adapt='yes'" to activate it, or better use the Supports and AdaptsTo trait). List traits, instead, had automatic adaptation ON by default, which caused inconsistent behavior in some corner cases. We changed that so that it is OFF by default.

It is a technicality, really, but if you rely on automatic adaptation you may want to make sure you explicitly turn automatic adaptation on if you need it.

All the best,

Pietro Berkes
Scientific software developer
Enthought UK

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