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Chaco into Qt app - Exception

Boiteux, Benoit



I used very interesting example from Peter (Wang) on how to insert a chaco plot into a Qt application.

Please find the code below.


The example works fine, but I get an unhandled exception when I close the application. I’m on Windows environment (ETS 3.4 and Py 2.6 and PyQt 4.7 )

Exception is :

“An unhandled win32 exception occurred in python.exe [21132]”


Any idea?





import sys

from numpy import linspace

from scipy.special import jn

from PyQt4 import QtGui, QtCore


from enthought.etsconfig.etsconfig import ETSConfig

ETSConfig.toolkit = "qt4"

from enthought.enable.api import Window


from enthought.chaco.api import ArrayPlotData, Plot

from import PanTool, ZoomTool



class PlotFrame(QtGui.QWidget):

    """ This widget simply hosts an opaque enthought.enable.qt4_backend.Window

    object, which provides the bridge between Enable/Chaco and the underlying

    UI toolkit (qt4).  This code is basically a duplicate of what's in

    enthought.enable.example_support.DemoFrame, but is reproduced here to

    make this example more stand-alone.


    def __init__(self, parent, **kw):



def create_chaco_plot(parent):

    x = linspace(-2.0, 10.0, 100)

    pd = ArrayPlotData(index = x)

    for i in range(5):

        pd.set_data("y" + str(i), jn(i,x))


    # Create some line plots of some of the data

    plot = Plot(pd, title="Line Plot", padding=50, border_visible=True)

    plot.legend.visible = True

    plot.plot(("index", "y0", "y1", "y2"), name="j_n, n<3", color="red")

    plot.plot(("index", "y3"), name="j_3", color="blue")


    # Attach some tools to the plot

    zoom = ZoomTool(component=plot, tool_mode="box", always_on=False)



    # This Window object bridges the Enable and Qt4 worlds, and handles events

    # and drawing.  We can create whatever hierarchy of nested containers we

    # want, as long as the top-level item gets set as the .component attribute

    # of a Window.

    return Window(parent, -1, component = plot)


def main():

    app = QtGui.QApplication(sys.argv)

    main_window = QtGui.QMainWindow(size=QtCore.QSize(500,500))


    enable_window = create_chaco_plot(main_window)


    # The .control attribute references a QWidget that gives Chaco events

    # and that Chaco paints into.




if __name__ == "__main__":


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