Bug: view.updated Event causes dialog to clear for PySide/PyQt4

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Bug: view.updated Event causes dialog to clear for PySide/PyQt4

Bergtholdt, Martin



if I run this code in IPython (with proper event queue) I get a dialog update when running with WX backend, however with PySide (and PyQt4) the dialog clears completely after e.view.updated = True.


The example is minimal for demonstration. What I want to really achieve is quite a bit more complex, so please do not reply with "this can be achieved differently with ...". As another not if I add a menubar to the view, then the menubar is still active after e.view.updated even under PySide and I can actually change the menubar and that change is reflected.


from traits.etsconfig.api import ETSConfig

#ETSConfig.toolkit = 'qt4'

from traits.api import Str, HasTraits

from traitsui.api import View, Item


class Test(HasTraits):

    text1 = Str('text1')

    text2 = Str('text2')


    traits_view = View(




t = Test()

e = t.edit_traits()


# dialog is active in IPython

# change the view dynamically

e.view = View(





# update/redraw the dialog

e.view.updated = True

e.updated = True



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