Bug in configure_traits when modal

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Bug in configure_traits when modal

Zikovsky, Janik L.

(I was not able to make a ticket for this on the ETS Trac site as I do not have the authorization and cannot find how to register to login...).

The bug occurs with a modal configure_traits dialog. Just click on any of the item labels and a help pop-up shows up. Only problem is, you cannot dismiss it by pressing OK. Each time you click, you get a new help dialog. See the attached screenshot. They only go away when closing the modal dialog:

from enthought.traits.api import Float
from enthought.traits.api import HasTraits
from enthought.traits.api import Int
from enthought.traits.ui.api import Item
from enthought.traits.ui.api import View
from enthought.traits.ui.menu import CancelButton
from enthought.traits.ui.menu import OKButton

class SomeParameters(HasTraits):
    """Small class to make a quick GUI for the stopping parameters."""
    my_float = Float(60.0, desc="a value I want.")
    my_int = Int(100, desc="another value.")
    view = View(
            Item('my_float'),Item('my_int'), buttons=[OKButton, CancelButton] )

param = SomeParameters()


Janik Zikovsky

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